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Milko di Paco Knifemaker

I've been making knives since 2006 after I saw a friend of mine making one  in his shop.

In one store I was so lucky to meet the Maestro Roberto Bernini, who  taught me how to build knives from a simple billet of steel.

I also met other knife makers Mario Barbini, Richard Gennari and Denis Mura, with whom I used to exchange techniques and experiences.

I attended some competitions for custom knives  makers in Scarperia (Italy): I ranked  third and last place in 2008,  second  in 2009 and finally in 2010 I finished second as best custom knife exhibitor.


prefer classic cutlery designs such as RWLoveless, SRJhonson, Randall and Scagel.
I build knives on commission and on customer drawings, making only a those changes my experience suggests are  better for functional and strenght purposes.

My knives are mostly fixed blade, all tang both tapered tang and hidden.

I use any kind of cutlery steel like RWL34, ATS34, 440C, becut, D2, SLEIPNER, SW21, Damascus and Carbon Steel.

For handles I like  both natural and artificial materials all of high quality.